Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Best things to do after rooting Android

When people root there Android they were wondering what to do now.So i will show you some essential things to do after root.


1-Custom Rom

A custom ROM is a fully standalone version of the OS, including the kernel (which makes everything run), apps, services, etc - everything you need to operate the device, except it's customized by someone in some way.
So what does the "customized" part mean? Since Android is open source, developers are free to take stock ROMs, modify them, strip them of garbage, optimize them, add things, and pretty much do whatever their imagination and skills allow.

  • More features are available Since customized ROM's are usually developed by Application Developers they usually bring out functions that they would have liked in the Stock ROM. These functions more often than not are features that advantage the common populace of customers. You might discover them useful as well.
  • Accessibility of extra apps On android operating system mobile phones in particular there are programs that are not always available based on your company, the phone itself or limitations of the stock ROM. By running a customized ROM you open availability to the wide range of applications available for your OS.
  • Upgrade till you can't upgrade no mo' One of the main benefits of a customized ROM is the ability to update to more recent versions of Android operating system. Unfortunately providers and mobile phone manufacturers will keep from enhancing firmware on mobile phones for various reasons, but customized ROM's tend to be a lot less heavy and with special remodeling by devoted developers, can force your phone to the verge of its abilities. By enhancing on the performance of the ROM customized developers can take more recent versions of the OS and blend their capabilities into a delicious form to take in new life into your aging mobile phone.
  • More Customizations Hence the name "custom ROM." The customizations range from changing the look and feel of the phone with custom themes to more developer specific tweaks that aren't typically accessible with the stock ROM like overclocking the processor. There are some applications that also allow you to make use of features that your provider or the stock ROM doesn't help because of various constraints.
  • Community Support While there's no formal support, most custom ROM sources have a community of people that offer help to the uninitiated. It's best though to do proper research before asking questions because some of the more "enlightened" members tend to be critical of questions that have enough wealth of information floating around in forums.


  • You Can Brick Your Phone If you don't take enough care in what you are doing you can give your phone as useful as a paperweight. The techie term is "brick" your phone. There's a lot or reading that needs to be done to successfully load a custom ROM and if you miss some small but critical detail you may find yourself back at the mobile shop.
  • You Void Your Warranty It should be obvious that if you change out the operating system of your phone you smashed through the confines of any valid warranty agreement. Typically you install a custom ROM at your own risk and you will have to accept the consequences of your actions. Now one else will
  • Support Isn't Available From The Provider It may be pointless to try to get support from the provider when you have a custom ROM depending on the issue you have simply because the user interface on the phone itself may be completely changed and the support techs may have no clue of how or simply will not help you. You really won't have anyone to point a finger to if things go wrong.
  • Phone Features May Not Always Work Depending on your model phone, it may be more difficult for developers to reverse engineer all the drivers that get several little features to work on the phone or they may even find it's not worth the while figuring it out. For example, my phone's trackball would light when a notification is pending when I used the stock ROM. I couldn't get this feature back when I loaded a custom ROM.


For as long as there have been PCs, there have been people overclocking them. It started off as a means to get more performance out of a computer than it was capable of straight off of the shelf. PC gamers have been overclocking their CPUs, RAM, and video cards since the beginning, always striving for a few more frames per second. Over the years, overclocking has even become a competition in itself.
What is overclocking? For anyone who might be unfamiliar with the term, “overclocking” refers to forcing a processor to run faster than its manufacturer’s specifications suggest. For instance, if you had a computer with a 2.4GHz Intel Core i5 processor, you could potentially overclock it to run at 3.5GHz instead, yielding significant increases in performance.


1.Perfomance-OCing gives perfomance and thats what most people go after when they oc.

2.Cost-saving-Some people who have extensive knowledge about OCing do it to save money.For eg-Some people claim that they can get clock speeds upto 1GHz
when they oc.SGS has a clock speed of 1GHz(but when they overclock,they get better speeds :P I just put this one in so that people can have better knowledge)


1.Excess heat production-OCing produces more heat,nothing to be added

2.Lifespan decreases-By overclocking to extreme levels,you are actually killing your phone.Because of the excess heat generated,some interior parts may get damages.

3.Damage to GPU-Because of the heat generated(i think)

4.Excess Battery consumption-Because of the intense heat generated and the unusual number of charge cycles,battery consumption becomes high.As you might already know,Ace's battery is really suckish.With OC,its going to be even worse.

5.Permanent effects-If you were having weird effects when you OCed for a long time,you are not going to feel much better when you right-clock again

6.Instability-Stability levels of various phones vary :P Some get OC speeds near 1GHz while others are having trouble getting over 900MHz

7.FCs,Reboots and other errors-You have a chance of getting constant reboots and FCs when you OC,it depends.Some have even complainde of their touchscreen having complains when they switch to OC kernel.

3-Custom Recovery

A custom recovery is a third-party recovery environment. Flashing this recovery environment onto your device replaces the default, stock recovery environment with a third-party, customized recovery environment. This is a bit like flashing a custom ROM like CyanogenMod — but, instead of replacing your device’s Android operating system, it replaces the recovery environment.
A custom recovery environment will do the same things as the stock Android recovery. However, it will also have additional features. Custom recoveries often have the ability to create and restore device backups. Custom recoveries allow you to install custom ROMs. ClockworkMod even offers a “ROM Manager” app that allows you to access many of these features from a running Android system — this app requires a custom recovery installed to function.

 4-Installing Linux

Installing linux will take your device to next level.Your device will react like PC and you know what linux is its a beast. 

thats its

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Best apps for rooted Android


This apps will make your device better quilty phone if you have cheap mobile or a expansive mobile which is lagging,slow.So you can download this apps from (playstore) or from google by typing (app.apk).I will mention some of the apps which are very usefull and must try seek knowledge before installing this apps.


           1-cpu-frills (you can overcloack your device from this app for example if your device cpu processor (1.0ghz) is slow you can speedup  to 2.0ghz) from overcloacking)

            2-battery calibrator root-(what this does is calibrate your phone battery life if your phone sucks at battery life you must try this)

            3-greenify-(this app help to maintain your device speed,ram allover by hibernating apps that runs on the background)

            4-Romtoolbox-(this app has amazing things to do must try app you can modify your phone and also contain amazing tools must try)

            5-rootbooster-(what this does is boost your device speed/battery/stability overall keeps your device maintain)

please dont install this app if you dont have much knowledge about this can contact me......


Saturday, 2 July 2016

How to make Andrioid phone fast and better


if your device is slow and getting heated up ,showing different kind of errors from different applications,And also problem with battery life or slow charging than you must try this method:

*check if theres an update for your device or application you must be updated to keep your device from lagging.

*delete apps that you dont use or if it is a system app delete that too.if your are rooted user than install an app called (uninstaller for root)  than you can delete whatever you want.

*delete cache and dalvik cache by downloading an app called (cache wiper root) or by going to recovery mode by selecting delete cache.

*if you still gets error than make a backup of your data and hard reset it after hard reseting your device will be just like new one it will remove your all error and problems. 
how to hard reset:
delete cache,dalvik cache,and than delete data and the system will be reset after this.

*Or try flashing firmware.

try it 

How to flash stock firmware in Android

If you get errors in your smartphone or the battery life seems to useless or if you had  softbrick your phone (softbrick-if your device doesnt bootup/wont show anything looks like black screen) so you have flash a stock firmware if you go out to any shop to reinstall rom than they will cost about 20/30$.So here is a guide to flash rom with your own hand and computer.So different devices have different method of flashing roms.So start from here:

*samsung mobiles
if you have this brand than go to this site ( this has official rom from samsung to all samsung go here search your device rom download carefull before choosing roms for your device the rom should match  your device model number for example if you have galaxy S6 than it should have model number in ( setting,about device) so once you download correct firmware for your device extract it to (md5.tar) file.Now download a software called  ( ODIN) from samsung download it install it once done all this turn off your device.Now you have to put your mobile into (download mode) by pressing (power+volumeup botton at same time) download screen will pop up.Now connect your device to your pc and open odin software.if your device is connected with your pc correctly than you will see ( at the first tab in odin with blue colour and under logs it will say hit AP botton and check it .select the firmware that you extrated to hit start the process will begin dont remove the device or do any thing wrong with it otherwise it will hard brick your phone you must have minimum 50% the process will began and you will see pass with green this is how to flash in samsung....

if you want any suggestion contact me...

Monday, 30 May 2016

Best smoothie ingredients

You can boost your brain,build muscle,burn fat,and help your heart in less than one minute:Just mix up a smoothi and slurp.its that simple-if you include these dozen add-in that not only pack health benefits,but also make your shake taste great.
All calcium  and protein,none of fat. 


THE huge amount of antioxidant,such as anthocyanins,in blueberries have been shown to low brain decline and reverse memory loss.


Cache of calcium and digestion-aiding probiotics in every scoop.


Heavy on potassium,fiber,and vitamin B6,bannana do wonders for your heart and provide good carbs to keep you full and energized


A little H2O never hurt anyone.


Packed with protein,manganese,and niacin,peanuts can help stave of heart disease and, when eaten in moderation,promote weight loss.


O-J has vitamin C and PINEAPPLE contain bromelain,a cancer-inhabiting,inflammation-reducing enzyme.


All calcium  and protein,none of fat. 


Friday, 13 May 2016

Fat burning tips & Fastest Way

Is this post I will show you how to get fit..and burn that fat
What ever your age is you have to work hard.
You have to follow this:
#Skip junk food
#Maintain ur testosterone

What ever part of body contains fat like: (abdominal,love handle,buttocks,whatever)you have to follow this.
*do cardio about 1/2 hours a day(for beginners do 20/30 min).
*cut sugar,salt,junk food,french fries,burger,oily staff etc.
*if want to burn fat fast than go for cardio early in morning with empty stomach.
Take fat burner supplement if possible.I recommend u to take  (MP shredded matrix)great for fat burning.but fat burner only works if your diet is good.otherwise waste of money.
*don't do crash diet i.e sum people skip there food to get smart this the is worst way.In this people get smarter for a short period span only.And get old early.
*make a good diet plan i.e eat 5/6 small meals a day.this increase ur metabolism. Best for fat burning.
*people who have big tummy .they think by doing some crunchs will reduce there belly fat (wrong thinking).Only cardio target all part of your body to burn fat.
*drink plenty of water
*eat raw vegetable &fruits
*don't masturbate because it reduces your testosterone and increase fat.
That"s it .

Monday, 11 April 2016

How to install ps2 games in android



you do not need root access for this.

you need and apk file called (play!) .

go to this link below to download.

0nce you had downloaded it .Now go to this site for downloading ps2 game ios .all games are avalaible here for free.Go here directly to download any game ios.  .once downloaded unzip the file from any kind of extracter you can download it from playstore.After extracting open the app PLAY! .and go and select that file that you unzipped..

if any problem feel free to ask..

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Rooting your android phone


                              Benefits&rooting method

Benefit: by rooting your smartphone you can make your phone like hell can start modifying your phone or you can overclock it.Rooting means you can make your phone whatever you want to make..YOU can install bt5 or linux type ios images and custom roms .Rooting have many other benefits.You can check it on google..

Method to root your  phone:

rooting without a computer means you need some apk files for that:

No: 1 kingoroot

     2 iroot

     3 vroot

     4 towelroot 

and on computer you can download  this program kingoroot auto rooting method.

now time for manual rooting on computer:

for example you are about to root samsung s6 first download odin in your computer.

than  search s6 root file for that ffirmware you have installed..any question you can ask me.

now about the warnings:be alert

by rooting manualy from computer.if you download wrong file for your device or firmware u can brick your mobile.

and one more thing rooting may void your device warranty..

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